Web Design

We can offer web design and hosting services for your church. Whether you are a small congregation with 20 members or a 500 member congregation we can help you establish your web presence. If you have an existing website we can host your site on our web servers. If you have an existing site and want to revamp your site we are here to help.

Domain Names

We can help you find that perfect domain name for your church. Instead of having a generic name we can help you find a custom name that will make it easy for your congregation and visitors find your website easily.

Digital Signage

We can assist you with mounting Televisions in your facility and install media players to stream your contant across your campus.

E-Mail Services

Are you still using the email address that your phone company or cable provider gave you? Are you using a gmail or yahoo email address? We can provide you with custom email services that can be tailored to your congregation. You can use a custom domain name that you may already own or we can help you find one that will suit your needs.

Social Media

Do you want to get started using social media for your congregation, but don’t know where to start? Are you already using social media but not to it’s full potential? We can help you get started or help you take your social media to the next level to help you to interact with your congregation or potential visitors.

Live Streaming

If your congregation would like to get started live streaming on your website or social media we can assist with setting that up and helping to pick the hardware you need to get the best quality stream. If you already do live streams and are looking for a better quality stream we can offer products and installation to help you meet your goals.

Video & Audio Files

If you want to distribute archived sermons whether they are audio or video we can get you set up with storage space to distribute those files. We can also embed those files into your website to make it easy for your visitors to enjoy those files.

We can also convert old media (cd, dvd and cassette) into digital files to allow these files to be back up for archival purposes to preserve them from degradation or physical damage.

If you would like to upload those files to Youtube or other video/audio services we can help with the process.

VOIP – Telephone Service

We can provide your church with feature-filled telephone service. If your church has reliable high-speed internet we can provide you with phone service that in most case will be cheaper than traditional phone companies or your bundled package with your cable provider.  We can also provide call forwarding, call waiting, 3-way calling, caller id, voicemail and many other features.

If you already have a phone system we can provide dial tone at a fraction of what traditional providers charge. We can also make an on-site visit to connect your new phone service.

We can also offer fax lines, virtual phone numbers or voicemail lines that do not require a physical phone connection.

If you have a smartphone we can provide a softphone (app) that will allow you to use your number on the go.

We also offer a fax to email service when you can send and receive faxes without a traditional fax machine. This allows you to receive faxes to your fax number and then have a pdf copy of the fax sent to your email address. You can also send faxes by attaching files to an email, which also allows you to send faxes from anywhere including your smartphone.

Networking Services & Cabling

If you need wireless internet throughout your church and on your campus we have solutions for you. We can also set up guest wifi to allow your congregation to use the wifi to share photos and videos to social media to engage an audience.

We also offer cabling services if you would like to have ethernet cable installed in your buildings to make a permanent hard-wired connection we can assist with that.

Video Distribution

Would you like to distribute your video feed throughout your facility to classrooms, a nursery, offices or other parts of your building we can provide set up to get your signal from your sanctuary to anywhere in your building.

If you would like to install digital signs in your building to show announcement, upcoming events or other information we can provide installation and set up services, as well as provide content for your signage.